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Services for Distributors


As a distributor, you are often the first stop for a manufactured product on the trek to the customer downstream. Some product is accepted by distributors with the stipulation that any product remaining unsold by a certain date is to be returned to the manufacturer.  Frequently, distributors will work deals with manufacturers to purchase product at special rates with the stipulation that unsold product cannot be returned at the end of the product cycle.  In those instances it is you as the distributor who takes the risk of not selling through the product.  When you find yourself with a warehouse full of dead freight, moving that freight becomes very important.  You cannot afford to lose precious space in your warehouse to freight that isn’t moving.  RL Liquidators can move that product out very quickly at the highest rates of return in the industry, allowing you to once again use your space and money, on faster moving and more profitable inventory. To get started, call us at (916) 747-7762 or visit our contact page.