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Welcome to RL Liquidators:

RL Liquidators is a nationally known liquidation company. We convert your used and unused assets into cash, using our network of sales platforms and access to thousands of buyers.

Founded in 2008, RL Liquidators has been turning hard assets into value for over 6 years. We believe in utilizing the technology of the 21st century in order to reach as many bidders and buyers as possible so that you’re receiving the maximum amount of value that you can for each of your assets.

It’s that technology that allows you to receive a world-class liquidation experience, and once you’ve partnered with RL Liquidators, you’ll see what a difference the right liquidation company can make on recapturing your asset’s value.

Our Liquidation Services:

We primarily serve Northern California, as well as parts of Oregon, Nevada and beyond. We’re confident that our liquidation services will get you the most value from your products. Check out our services to see the industries we frequently work with. Contact us today to find out more about what we offer and learn how we will turn your assets into hard cash in no time.