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 Reverse Logistics Liquidator

Liquidate Your Inventory 

Sell Your Returned Products and Merchandise

Top Benefits of Using RL Liquidators

1. Get the Best Value:

With our giant pool of buyers and proven unique methods of selling smaller lots to end users rather than only resellers, we are able to create high demand for practically any type of goods.  This means that you receive the maximum value.

2. Recover Quickly:

Turn your merchandise into cash almost immediately by selling directly to RL Liquidators or let RLL sell for you in our fast turn-around auctions.

3. Protect Your Brand:

RL Liquidators can deface barcodes or brand names to minimize the possibility of fraudulent in store returns affecting your retail sales.

With the rise of online sales, and subsequently online returns, reverse logistics has become a major process that nearly all retailers must implement.  Once an item has left your chain of custody, the risk of putting it back up for sale as new when returned often outweighs the return realized through the sale of the item.  That item then often represents a loss, and it falls to you to quickly determine how best to dispose of the item while recapturing some of its value.

Larger companies have reverse logistics processes and partners to help them recapture some value from their returned, damaged, overstock or end of life products, but many midsized and smaller companies do not.  Without an effective process, retailers often wind up doing one of the following:

  • Trying to sell the inventory in store or online at discounted prices
  • Donating the inventory
  • Discarding the inventory

None of these are cost effective solutions as they all require an expense to implement and produce little to no sales.  For companies that do not have an efficient or affordable reverse logistics process, the costs involved in creating one can be prohibitive.  Warehouse space, labor, equipment, software and processes can make returning a profit on reverse logistics inventory nearly impossible.  Many companies end up taking a fairly significant loss.

A Better Return Center Solution

Rather than attempt to run your own return center and deal with the logistics and difficulties, it’s in your best interests to seek out a more affordable, cost effective solution. That’s what you’ll get with RL Liquidators.

RL Liquidators will change the way that you run your return center. Rather than send your items to your own warehouse or storeroom to collect dust, send your stock directly to RL Liquidators and collect cash.  We will handle the sale and management of all of your returned products and use our considerable liquidation tools to net you the highest possible profit:

  • Eliminate warehouse space
  • Stop spending payroll trying to manage returned stock
  • Start making money on your returns

Your costs will go down considerably when you partner with RL Liquidators, and your returned stock will be sold to bidders and buyers that are looking to spend money on a good deal. Many retail companies and product developers have turned to RL Liquidators to handle all of their returned stock, and we’re confident if you contact us you’ll find our expertise to be invaluable for helping you control your inventory.

Contact RL Liquidators today to find out more about our returned stock services, or to learn more about all of our liquidation solutions.