There is no denying that storage auctions are popular right now. Storage Wars, Auction Hunters, and other TV shows have made bidding on storage units a fad. What was once only a few dozen skilled bidders at most is now hundreds of people off the street that want their chance at buried treasure.
Storage auctions are still a great way to maximize the value of an unpaid unit. But the traditional in-person auctions are not necessarily the best way to handle those auctions anymore.
Storage Locker Popularity
In the world of auctions, more bidders is usually better. More bidders means more competition, which means people driving up the price of your goods. But with storage auctions, that’s not necessarily true.
Choosing the right locker was an art, and there were men and women with high bankrolls that were good at it. The reason that storage auction TV shows became popular was because of how good people were at spotting auctions that could have value. There were duds, but there were also successes, and those successes allowed these larger bankroll bidders to move forward.
But now that there are large crowds, finding lockers has become more difficult. Bidders are losing to individuals that may only be bidding against them because they are trying to steal their hard work. In addition, the actual experience itself has become more troublesome. Larger crowds means it’s harder to look at the locker and more stressful to bid.
Many of these high bankroll bidders are starting to avoid auctions, because they do not want the hassle. So while initially some units may have gone up in price in the beginning, now many storage companies are finding that their lockers aren’t going for as much as they used to. The increase in competition is actually driving those with more cash flow away.
Other Problems With More Bidders
In addition, the huge crowds are becoming a hassle for storage companies. Trash is thrown everywhere, security is becoming an issue, and any customers that come in are scared away by the large crowds. There are also safety issues at play, with many bidders cramped together in tight spaces.
These issues are one of the reasons that RL Liquidators offers a new way to bid on storage lockers – online auctions. We put your storage locker up for auction online, with all of the same details and pictures but without the hassle of the in-person auction. Benefits of this method include:
• No hassle.
• No cleanup.
• No cramped spaces.
You can get the benefit of attracting more bidders (since online auctions require no travel and reach more people), but when they bid on your units, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the better bidders will be scared away. In fact, you can attract more, because bidders will be happy to deal with more competition with the added convenience.
Storage TV shows have affected, stress, safety, and comfort for both buyers and storage companies. Seeking out a better way – like online storage auctions – is the secret to a more successful storage sale future.
Meta Description: Storage Shows on TV have changed the storage buying landscape. Luckily there are new ways that make selling storage lockers easier.

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