Online coupons are quickly becoming the “next big thing” in the marketing world. You see them all over the internet: a company offers a product or service for a low price, and buyers pounce. All of those buyers instantly become customers, and your business grows.
Some companies avoid online coupons because they are afraid to take the loss. Indeed, by offering a product or service at a discount, you are potentially losing out on revenue. But it’s important to realize that online coupons have many other advantages as well. One of these advantages is branding.
Why Brand Your Product?
Studies have shown consumers are more likely to purchase from brands they recognize. Imagine you have never eaten cereal before, and you decide you’re going to go to the store and try a cereal for the first time. You see two options:
• Cheerios – A nationally recognized brand.
• Big Oaty O’s of Yum – A very small store brand you’ve never seen before.
Your eyes will immediately move to the former. You recognize the brand. You’ll also be more likely to purchase it, because you have more trust in that brand. Even if you never remember seeing a Cheerios commercial before, you are still more likely to purchase it because your mind recognizes the brand.
Online Coupons and Branding
When you offer an online coupon for sale, you are branding your business. Every single person that sees your coupon will become more familiar with their brand. They do not even have to bid on the product or service. They simply need to see the auction. Once they see it you have instantly branded your company to hundreds of people that are now more likely to turn to you in the future.
The Power of Branding Through Smart Auctions
Branding is a powerful tool, which is why some people pay thousands of dollars every year for billboard ads, newspaper ads, and more. But as a company on a budget, it’s important to take advantage of less expensive avenues as well. Online coupons are essentially a 100% free way to brand to potentially thousands of people in a more personal and longer lasting way than other branding methods. If you are a business that is looking for an effective and untapped form of “free” marketing and branding, online coupons may be your best choice.
Find out more about our Smart Coupon service and learn more about how it can help you brand your business by contacting RL Liquidators today at (916) 747-7762.
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  1. ron October 14, 2015 at 2:58 pm - Reply

    …so you are an online traditional estate liquidator, that specializes in storage lockers..??

    Is there a minimum bid option for the seller?

    Do you estimate the locker contents value or does the seller?

    • Larry Morgan November 3, 2015 at 7:01 am - Reply

      We are a liquidation company. We handle everything from estates to commercial to manufacturing to heavy equipment. One division of the company is online storage auctions. We don’t provide valuations, we simply put the lockers out for auction and the market determines the price. We discourage minimum bids. With tens of thousands of people seeing the lockers, they will go for what they are worth. Putting minimum bids on items just stifles bidding and drives the prices down.

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