Retail can be a tough business.  Your business may fall on hard times, from which you just cannot recover.  With debts like inventory and rent, it is not always easy to simply walk away debt-free from a business that did not succeed.

The reasons are endless about why you may need to liquidate your retail business.  Some possibilities include:

  • Your business has an increase in competition.
  • Your business never recovered from the economic hit.
  • Your business took some financial risks that did not pan out.

For whatever reason you need or want to leave your business, you want to make sure you get as much out of it as possible without leaving a huge amount of debt on your back.  Oftentimes, creditors simply want their money back and they want it back fast.  Rather than try to sell each item through a series of “going out of business” sales, consider liquidation. Liquidation is a quick option to satisfy creditors by using what you already have in your business – the assets.

What is Liquidation?

Liquidation is when you evaluate the assets left in the business and sell them in order to pay back your creditors. It can be used to preempt bankruptcy, or it may be used to satisfy the terms of a bankruptcy proceeding. Liquidation turns everything of value in your business – from the products to the shelves to the stock room machinery and more – and finds buyers that outbid each other in order to help you receive the maximum value possible from these assets.

When liquidation is the right option for your retail company, you’ll want to turn to RL Liquidators – Northern California’s #1 liquidation company.

How Can RL Liquidators Help

RL Liquidators can come into your business and help you evaluate your inventory and find buyers for the assets you have to sell.  We can come in and liquidate your stock and find the most valuable market for selling it and recouping as much cash as possible to relieve your business of the creditors. Whether your stock is clothing or auto parts, we will do our best to find the best qualified buyers for not only your retail products, but also the business items, like:

  • Cash Registers
  • Light Fixtures
  • Coffee Pots and More

If it has value to someone, we have the tools to help you liquidate it, with our leading online marketplace that makes opening products up for bidding even easier.

You can liquidate new or used property. You can liquidate returns. You can liquidate business fixtures. If it has value to someone, you can regain that value with RL Liquidators. Contact us today at (916) 747-7762 to find out more about the liquidation process, or to get started turning your retail business back into cash.

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