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 Insurance Liquidation

Liquidate Insurance Items | Insurance Collections Liquidation in California

As an insurance agency, you are entitled to recouping as much of your losses as possible. When someone files a claim because their property has been damaged, you have an obligation to your own company to try to reduce the financial effect that covering that property will have on your company’s revenue.

Often that means liquidation – trying to get as much value as possible from the damaged property so that the payout doesn’t take away from your profits. While some insurance companies try to liquidate damaged assets on their own, most find that the best way to recoup those losses is to partner with an insurance liquidation company that can get the best value for the damaged items.

Getting the Best Price for Your Items

It’s in the best interests of every insurance company to maximize the value they receive from insured items in a short time frame. After an event has occurred, such as a flood or fire, and you’ve already prepared the payout, you need to make sure that every single item that’s salvageable is put up for sale and sold to reduce the amount your business has to pay out of its own pocket.

At RL Liquidators, we make it our goal to quickly pick up and sell any items that you have to get rid of, no matter how damaged. We know how to work with the market, putting the items up for auction and looking for the best ways for you to maximize value. Our service experts will do our best to locate anyone that might be interested in the damaged property, so that you don’t have to take on as many losses.

Our Insurance Liquidation Services

Our entire liquidation process is designed for your needs. We have the logistics in place to move assets quickly, the knowledge to ensure your property is visible to the highest number of potential bidders, the transparency that allows you to see that we’re providing you with the best available value for your damaged items.

We’re one of the only liquidation companies that offer a pickup service, and we’re also happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and we’re proud to offer industry leading support and service to all of our clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about our insurance claim liquidation services, contact us today and a representative will respond to you in no time.