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 Government Liquidation

Government Liquidation Services | Liquidate Government Seized Assets

State, county, and city governments often find that they have an excess of property that they need to remove. When a department or office shuts down, all of those assets – which have been paid for by the taxpayer – need to turn back into government money to reduce taxpayer burdens in the future.

In addition, at times government agencies find they’re forced to seize items from homeowners and business owners that have failed to comply with legal or financial obligations. These items often represent the only way for the government to respond to those that have used these assets to profit from (or as a result of) federal crimes.

No matter the reason, it’s not uncommon for government agencies to find they have an excess in unused property. Since government agencies have neither the need nor the space to house potentially millions of dollars in excess property, and has an obligation to the taxpayer to use that property in a way that extends federal services, many turn to liquidation companies to facilitate the sales and maximize the return on taxpayer investment.

Liquidating Government Assets With RL Liquidators

RL Liquidators is proud to support local governments in their effort to liquidate government seized assets, and put them up for auction in a way that will maximize returns. We pride ourselves on the two most important qualities of a government liquidation contractor:

  • Transparency
  • Value

From the beginning we ensure that our government liquidation services are well documented, open for inspection, and designed to attract the highest possible return. We know how important it is to receive a fair market value for these assets, and that’s why we take the time and effort to research and market every item we put up for auction. We offer federal liquidation, state liquidation, county liquidation, city liquidation along with government agency liquidation.

When you choose to work with RL Liquidators for your government liquidation needs, you’re receiving a partner that will:

  • Pick up all assets and transport them to our auction location.
  • Place the assets in a public and highly visible online auction.
  • Create detailed records of sale price and bid histories.

You’ll be able to monitor the progress and even analyze the results, and you’ll find that our ability to get you value for your liquidated property is second to none. Contact RL Liquidators today, and start liquidating your property immediately.