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Services for Fulfillment Centers

Fulfillment Centers

As a fulfillment center, you are unlike anyone else in the retail chain.  You don’t have large quantities of relatively few items; rather you have smaller quantities of a vast number of items.  Like manufactures, distributors and wholesalers, you have the problem of dead freight; items in your warehouse that are not selling.  You also have the added issue of returns. Fulfillment centers ship directly to customers on behalf of retail clients, so when a customer returns a product it is also returned to you, the fulfillment center.  Once an item has been returned, you cannot send it out as new unless it is inspected to ensure it is still new, unopened and non-tampered.  Most fulfillment centers will not spend the time, labor and money inspecting these returns; it just doesn’t make financial sense. Many fulfillment centers have become much more effective by partnering with RL Liquidators. Our partners have found us to be a trusted and respected reverse logistics liquidation company. RL Liquidators will move your dead freight, warehouse damage and returns and recover as much value as possible. To get started, call us at (916) 747-7762 or visit our contact page.