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 Commercial Liquidation

Liquidate Your Commercial Businesses | Tenant Clean-out of Commercial Property

Commercial Liquidation

Make Your Property Rent-Ready

The loss of a tenant can be a hassle. However, RL Liquidators can make your job much easier by taking care of the mess. RL Liquidators will:

  • Purchase all of your used assets,
  • Remove every item
  • Present to you a broom-swept, ready-to-rent retail space.

So, not only will you enjoy our no-cost service, you will actually make money from the assets that your tenant left behind. Let us help you get your next tenant in as quickly as possible. Retail Liquidation

Turn Extra Assets into Cash

When you own or operate a business, it’s important that you never throw away money. Everything in your company should be designed to bring in revenue and maximize your ROI. So when you have excess assets that no longer serve a purpose in your company, you are faced with two different choices:

  1. You can give the assets away.
  2. You can liquidate the assets and turn them into value.

Everything your company owns is an asset. When you decide to update your computers, replace an old machine, or take apart a building, you still need to get value from those old pieces of property, otherwise they will continue to do nothing more than take up space until they become worthless. Rather than throw away or waste your assets, liquidate them with RL Liquidators – the leading provider of asset liquidation services in California. Liquidating Products For Your Store or Business Every company has excess assets that need to be liquidated. Whether you’re a big box store, winery, construction company, property management company, or small retailer, you’ll find that you have products that you have no need for. Those items usually end up in some storage facility wasting away, or sold at a low price in order to have it move quickly. Rather than potentially lose out on thousands of dollars that could go back into your business, turn those unused items into cash by liquidating them with our online auction and liquidation services. Our company specializes in liquidating any property you want to turn into money for your business. We have the expertise, technology, and logistics in place to ensure that your sale goes smoothly, and we sell everything, including packages of Post-It notes, restaurant equipment, industrial equipment machines and more. No liquidation is too large or too small. We offer:

  • Liquidation of new, used, or broken machinery.
  • Bulk sales or individual sales of store products.
  • On-site sales and auctions.
  • Cleanouts and pack-ups for evacuating properties.
  • Partial store or total store liquidation.

If you have products, machinery, or other items on hand, and you want to make sure that that you get the maximum amount of value from the sale, you need a partner that knows exactly how to advertise, auction, and sell your items – all with transparency and excellent customer service. RL Liquidators is proud to be the leading provider of commercial liquidation services. Contact us today to learn more about our pickup and sales options, or to get started with your company’s asset liquidation today.