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108, 2014

3 Tips for Getting Rid of Old Merchandise


There is nothing more frustrating than merchandise that doesn’t seem to sell. You already spent money adding it to your inventory, and the longer it sits there the more you’re wasting valuable real estate on a product that isn’t making you any profit. It can be stressful, especially [...]

2507, 2014

How Storage Shows on TV Are Hurting Traditional Storage Auctions


There is no denying that storage auctions are popular right now. Storage Wars, Auction Hunters, and other TV shows have made bidding on storage units a fad. What was once only a few dozen skilled bidders at most is now hundreds of people off the street that want [...]

1807, 2014

How Have Online Auctions Changed the Asset Liquidation Marketplace?


Assets represent value, and there are times when you need to liquidate those assets in order to recoup that value. Unused assets are simply a wasted opportunity to get cash now. Sell those assets, and let your property turn back into usable currency. But liquidating your assets is [...]

1107, 2014

How Online Coupons Are a Great Branding Opportunity


Online coupons are quickly becoming the “next big thing” in the marketing world. You see them all over the internet: a company offers a product or service for a low price, and buyers pounce. All of those buyers instantly become customers, and your business grows. Some companies avoid [...]