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2103, 2015

Liquidation for a Retail Company Facing Bankruptcy


Retail can be a tough business.  Your business may fall on hard times, from which you just cannot recover.  With debts like inventory and rent, it is not always easy to simply walk away debt-free from a business that did not succeed. The reasons are endless about why [...]

1602, 2015

What is Non-Commercial Liquidation?


In the business world, liquidation is one of the most common actions taken by business owners and property owners when someone is unable to pay back their debts. Liquidation turns seized assets into cash, and helps those with assets and debt recoup some of their losses. But liquidation [...]

1512, 2014

How to Recoup Losses From an Unpaid Tenant Through Liquidation


Commercial property owners always have to be careful with their rentals. Unlike an apartment complex that has multiple tenants and a quick turnaround time to re-rent, companies that default on their lease cannot be replaced as quickly, and often represent a substantial portion of the money that the [...]

2511, 2014

Triple Net Lease Defaults and Asset Liquidation


In the commercial real estate market, triple net leases are easily some of the most popular. These leases, given almost exclusively to AAA credit companies, allow commercial property owners the ability to profit on a property with little to no costs for periods as long as 30 years [...]

2208, 2014

4 Ways to Sell an Estate


Estate sales are often unpleasant experiences. You’re left with potentially thousands of items ranging from large to small, valuable to junk. You may keep a few of the item, but the rest you need to liquidate. There are several ways to liquidate estate assets, and all of them [...]