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 Bankruptcy Liquidation

Maximize Value from Bankruptcy Liquidated Assets

Bankruptcy can be a long process, and when an individual or company files for bankruptcy there are often countless assets that need to be liquidated. Bankruptcy liquidation often involves two specific but related issues:

  • Bankruptcy assets need to be sold quickly.
  • Bankruptcy assets need to be sold for the highest amount possible.

Often those needs conflict, but that represents the reality of bankruptcy. Whether you are a bankruptcy trustee or bankruptcy attorney, it is in your best interests to sell every item as fast as you can for as much as you can.

Expertise in Liquidation

Because bankruptcy liquidation can be such a significant hassle, and because the rush can make finding value out of the liquidated items difficult, it is in your best interests to partner with a company that has years of experience turning assets into cash.

RL Liquidators has been in the business of asset recovery for several years. We’re able to put bankruptcy liquidation in the 21st century, offering online auction services and personalized marketing that is ensures the best possible value for your property.

Residential Bankruptcy Liquidation

Bankruptcy is difficult on everyone, and those families that are put through the liquidation process want to know that their items are receiving the maximum value. We have bidders that specifically come to look for residential items, and our experience has helped us create sales pipelines that guarantee the best possible recovery.

Commercial Bankruptcy Liquidation

We also specialize in commercial bankruptcy. When a company goes out of business, they often need to liquidate everything used in their organization. We have helped companies sell new, used, and broken equipment, including restaurant equipment, heavy machinery, work supplies (tables, chairs, and even stationary), computers and more. If it has value to someone, we’ll be able to find a home for it.

Our Bankruptcy Auctions and Sales

We pick up from almost anywhere on the West Coast, catalog every item, and sell to those that want to pay the best price possible. If you’re a trustee, attorney, or otherwise in need of bankruptcy liquidators, contact RL Liquidators today, and see why so many others have turned to us for their liquidation needs.