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How Have Online Auctions Changed the Asset Liquidation Marketplace?

Assets represent value, and there are times when you need to liquidate those assets in order to recoup that value. Unused assets are simply a wasted opportunity to get cash now. Sell those assets, and let your property turn back into usable currency. But liquidating your assets is only one part of the puzzle. You [...]

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How Online Coupons Are a Great Branding Opportunity

Online coupons are quickly becoming the “next big thing” in the marketing world. You see them all over the internet: a company offers a product or service for a low price, and buyers pounce. All of those buyers instantly become customers, and your business grows. Some companies avoid online coupons because they are afraid to [...]

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Ways of Selling Commercial Equipment

Your business often deals with a lot of commercial equipment such as machines and tools. When you no longer need those machines, they become a burden. Large machines take up a lot of extra space, and like many assets their value decreases over time. Rather than let your machines depreciate, it is in your best [...]

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Benefits of Liquidating Assets to Avoid Bankruptcy

When you find yourself in a lot of debt, it’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed. Debt is frightening and causes a lot of financial stress and pressure. While the best thing you can do is try to build your way out of debt, some people find that their debt is insurmountable. They may consider filing [...]

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Benefits of Buying From Liquidation Auctions

  Whether you are a collector of valuable items or a business that needs new machinery, it’s important to try to find the best possible values. The lower your prices, the greater your investment can pay off for you in the long run. Antique collectors look for value so that their collections can pay them [...]

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