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Services for Retailers


Whether you are a brick and mortar or e-commerce retailer, you have a different set of reverse logistics problems to solve. The big issues our retailer clients used to struggle with were returns and department resets.  Returns can represent a significant loss to you.  You’ve spent the money to purchase the item and spent the labor to merchandise and sell the item, now you have to purchase the item back at full retail value and spend more labor to do it.  While you may just accept that as a cost of doing business, it still represents a significant drain to your bottom line.  You as a retailer also need to keep your selection of merchandise current, modern and relevant to the ever changing appetites of the consumer. If you reset departments within the store regularly by discontinuing some items and introducing others, those discontinued items have to be dealt with. Products are usually discontinued because they are not moving like they should, so selling them to your existing customers is often not possible. RL Liquidators represents the solution to both of these problems. RL Liquidators can quickly move the inventory out of the stores while providing the highest rates of return in the industry today. To get started, call us at (916) 747-7762 or visit our contact page.