Estate sales are often unpleasant experiences. You’re left with potentially thousands of items ranging from large to small, valuable to junk. You may keep a few of the item, but the rest you need to liquidate. There are several ways to liquidate estate assets, and all of them have their benefits and weaknesses.
Estates are popular for buyers. Collectors, resellers and budget shoppers flock to estate sales to find affordable prices on the items they want. Yet how you sell the items affects how much you receive from the estate – and how much work you have to do to sell the estate.
The Many Ways to Sell Estates
There are a lot of ways to sell estate assets. Some of the most popular include:
• Estate Sales (Self-Run)
One way is to price every item yourself and advertise an estate sale, much like a garage sale. Estate sales often attract a lot of buyers. But they also are very difficult to manage. You need to figure out how to price thousands of items. You need to put a price tag on each item. You need to deal with hagglers, and you need to monitor the sale to prevent stolen goods. All of this can represent weeks of work.
• Estate Sale (Company)
You can also hire a company to sell your estate in house. This reduces some of the labor on your end, but it also has several downsides. First, sellers are not necessarily interested in helping you make the most money and may put lower prices to sell the items quickly. Second, estate sales only attract a small number of buyers in a local area. You may find it easier to sell the assets, but you are unlikely to get as much as you deserve.
• eBay
eBay is another popular choice. On eBay, you can potentially attract individual bidders that may pay you what you deserve for the valuable items in the estate. Unfortunately, eBay suffers from many of the same logistics issues that you see with self-run estate sales. You need to price everything yourself, you need to mail everything someone buys, and you need a place to store all of the goods. You also run the risk of losing money, because if no one buys the item you still have to pay eBay to list it.
• Online Liquidation Auctions
Although eBay can be challenging, online auctions work. They are an easy way to attract thousands of buyers and get the most for your assets. That is why one of the best solutions is an online estate liquidation auction. You turn your assets over to a liquidation company. They put items up for auction for you and contact the buyers they know to help improve costs. You receive the most possible from your estate for the least amount of work.
Online Estate Auctions
The idea of an online estate sale is a new one. But technology has made it possible to get the most for your assets. Those that use companies like RL Liquidators to manage their estate assets are more likely to get more cash for the least amount of work. If you have an estate you need to turn into cash, find out more about our liquidation services at (916) 747-7762.
Meta Description: When you have an estate that you need to liquidate, there are several options to choose from. Find out more about online estate sales from RL Liquidators.

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